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Raise healthy, profitable livestock

Your income depends on the health of our herd. Mound City Ag is here to help you raise them well. 

Feed Products


Your cattle's health is of utmost importance; we're here to help.

We carry:

  • Purina® Accuration
  • Purina® Wind & Rain
  • ADM®
  • Purina® Stock & Grower
  • Purina® Cubes

We carry:

  • Purina® Impact
  • Purina® Ultium
  • Purina® Strategy
  • Purina® Senior


Our selection of Purina® Equine Products are made from the finest ingredients and supply the nutrients needed to ensure optimal health for your horse.


No matter the size of your flock, we have the feed formulation for you. Mound City Ag stocks an assortment of Purina® feed to fit your needs.

We carry:

  • Purina® Layena Crumble and Pellet
  • Purina® Start & Grow (Med & Non-Med)
  • Purina® Flock Raiser Pellets

We carry:

  • Purina® Nature’s Match


Make your pigs squeal with joy as they chow down on our offering of Purina® Nature’s Match Feed.

Goat & Sheep

With sheep and goat ownership on the rise, make sure you have the essentials you need to keep your new herd happy and healthy.

We carry:

  • Purina® Goat Feed
  • Purina® Goat Mineral
  • Purina® Sheep Mineral

We carry:

  • Purina® High Octane Fitter 52
  • Purina® High Octane Ultra Full


We know how much time and effort goes into your show animals-- They deserve a feed specially formulated for them!


Looking for the perfect chow to complement your pet’s lifestyle? Stop in to find the best variety of Diamond® to suit your companion.

We carry:

  • Diamond® Naturals
  • Diamond® Naturals Grain Free
  • Diamond® Dog Food

If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call and we will see if we can special order it for you!